Lebeya Phillip Mmola is a management and leadership consultant. His role is to create a self- empowering culture within South Africa communities – in church circles and business environments. His first name “Lebeya – o beya dikgosi” which literally means ‘install kings’, has been his greatest driver of his life. He has always desires nothing less than promote and bringing the best in people.

Phillip is a Business and Life Coach, facilitator, teacher of the Word, public speaker and an educationist. He has demonstrated his God given skills throughout various organisations and enterprises.

As a professional educationist he has taught at different schools, lectured at University of the North, Faculty of Education, various colleges of Education in the Limpopo Province. As an entrepreneur, he has worked as an Insurance consultant for numerous companies.

He has jointly-written Northen Sotho language series called “Thakga Polelo” for standard 8 and 7 with the late Prof AL Mawasha.

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