But God is an easy to read book that takes you through personal testimony and story-telling, meant to bless and inspire you to deepen and strengthen your personal relationship with God.

Snippets from the book:

Choices: The world wants to judge and condemn, but Jesus is waiting for us to choose life so that He can use that opportunity to express His unwavering love for us.

The voices: The power within us is bigger and greater than any other voice trying to hold us back or disgrace us.

Growing from setbacks: Sometimes the loss of a loved one is a perfect way to remind us to rely entirely on God.


Emily is an active member of the body of Christ and she purposes to love the Lord with all her heart, mind, strength and soul on a daily basis. She is a devoted mother to her unique, highly talented, God-fearing children. She is dedicated to living her best life one day at a time, as pre-planned by God, all to His honour and glory.

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