You cannot afford not to have your own copy of this book. It is a must read and a must have. Surely you don’t need anyone to tell you why, because the following incredible benefits of the book tell it all:

  • It provides the reader with the assuring knowledge from the Bible, the word of God, of what it will take to ensure that you are in heaven when you die.
  • It equips the reader to face death with confidence.
  • It turns your fearful and breathtaking thoughts about death into pleasant ones.
  • It paints an accurate picture of the real state of affairs beyond the grave.
  • It makes death a moment to look forward to and to face with great ease.
  • It turns your death into a great gain of eternity.
  • It brings the reader to the thrilling experience of tasting the heavenly life while still here on earth.
  • It exposes the reader to the inner peace and security that money and wealth cannot buy, but only God can provide.
  • It brings the reader to the life-changing experience of possessing this inner peace and security in your innermost being.
  • It equips the reader to keep this special treasure until you triumph, even through death.


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